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Yeezy 500 High ‘Sumac’

The Yeezy 500 High ‘Sumac’ emerges with a rustic colorway on its bulky construction. Built with mesh, the shoe’s upper

Yeezy 500 High ‘Tactical Orange’

The Yeezy 500 High ‘Tactical Orange’ emerges with a largely subdued look on its signature construction. The shoe’s upper is

Yeezy 500 High ‘Taupe Black’

The trail-ready adidas Yeezy 500 High ‘Taupe Black’ features a dark olive, black and brown palette in elastane, suede and

Yeezy 500 High ‘Tyrian’

The Yeezy 500 High ‘Tyrian’ emerges with a mixed-material build on its bold construction. The shoe’s upper sports a blue

Yeezy 500 High ‘Wakaran’

The Yeezy 500 High ‘Wakaran’ brings a subdued colorway to its signature construction, which features tooling drawn from Kobe Bryant’s

Yeezy 500 High Tactical Boot ‘Utility Black’

The adidas Yeezy 500 Tactical Boot ‘Utility Black’ showcases a black ballistic mesh upper with matching suede overlays, and is

Yeezy 500 Infant ‘Bone White’

Releasing in August 2019 alongside kids and adult editions, the Yeezy 500 Infant ‘Bone White’ delivers Kanye West’s signature style

Yeezy 500 Infant ‘Soft Vision’

Specially crafted for little feet, the adidas Yeezy 500 Infant sneaker presents old-school influence and forward-thinking design. Released in November

Yeezy 500 Infant ‘Stone’

The Yeezy 500 Infant ‘Stone’ is an infants’ shoe. Finished entirely in neutral tones, the upper is built with Lycra,

Yeezy 500 Infants ‘Blush’

Echoing the KB8 3 tooling, Kobe’s third shoe in collaboration with adidias, the adidas Yeezy 500 Infants ‘Blush’ offers an

Yeezy 500 Kids ‘Blush’

With subtle adidas branding on a distinctive outsole in rubber, the adidas Yeezy 500 Kids ‘Blush’ takes a neutral approach

Yeezy 500 Kids ‘Bone White’

The Yeezy 500 Kids ‘Bone White’ dropped in August 2019 as part of the silhouette’s family-sized release. The sneaker’s layered